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Important Truths about the Whizzinator

The whizzinator is an interesting device which has drawn positive and negative options in equal measures. The public is not clear why the instrument exists in the first place. It is the role of the buyer to decide the application of the instrument. Many critics are convinced that the manufacturer of the device had ill motives of helping people fact a drug test. Others believe it is a sex toy that can help enhance pleasure during intimate moments among partners. This article seeks to give some insight into what a whizzinator is and what it is capable of doing.

The whizzinator is an artificial gadget that bears a resemblance to the male private parts. Interestingly, it can actually pass as male genitalia because it has the ability to function like the real one. If you had a glimpse of it as the user of this gadget used it to relieve themselves of a short nature call, you would never guess it is artificial. it is portable and the user can strap it on the waist and move around comfortably in it. When properly strapped in, the whizzinator will be in the exact same position as a male’s private parts.

The most interesting fact about this device is that it comes with synthetic urine powder. When the user of the whizzinator wants to use the synthetic urine they are required to mix it with water and push it into the whizzinator’s valve using a syringe. The user can pull the legs of anyone by releasing the whizzinator valve and allowing the synthetic urine to pass out as it would in a real male. If a person took a sample of human urine and the synthetic one, they could never tell the difference. It smells, looks, got the same pH and temperature as that of a human. When the whizzinator user straps it on their waist, the synthetic urine steadily picks the temperature of the human body and therefore becomes warm. In short, it cannot be detected to be synthetic when it is taken through a lab test.

In order to prevent leakages and accidental spillage, the whizzinator has got a valve that allows the user to open and close the gadget when releasing urine. Different whizzinators have the valve button on different position for convenience. The user will select the device according to what is most appropriate for them.

Many people are curious as to why the manufacturer included synthetic urine with the whizzinator. It is no wonder many analysts believe the motive of the manufacturer was to enable persons with substance abuse problem to pass a urine test. This is usually the point of contention between the protagonist and antagonist of the use of the device. Although it is a private matter, urinating on one’s partner is considered foreplay for some couples.

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