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Why You Should Consider Organic Farming

Organic farming entails rearing animals and cultivating the land without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. Soil fertility has to be maintained in this cases by use of biological substances that control pollution of the environment. There is no chemicals are used in this organic farms. Genetically modified organisms are not allowed in this type of farming. Additionally, organisms that are genetically modified are not allowed on these farms. Agricultural practices such as mineral and rock additives and green manure are the modes of farming applied in this farms. Only natural fertilizers and pesticides. It is becoming difficult for the world to provide food since the population has been growing at a very fast rate. Many people have resulted in growing foods using harmful chemicals, just to meet the demand of food at the market. Discussed below are some of the benefits of eating and growing organic foods.

Organic foods contain large amounts of nutrients such as vitamins. This is because organic farms are managed sustainably. Several studies have been conducted to establish the differences between organic and conventional grown foods. More vitamins and minerals were found to be in the organically grown foods. Fruits from conventional were found to contain very little nutritional benefit to the human body. Commercially grown foods lose all their natural sweetness due to all the chemicals that are sprayed on them. Commercially grown foods have metallic tastes as they have been sprayed with harmful chemicals to make them grow faster. Quantity is not a priority when it comes to organic foods.

Agricultural diversity is preserved when it comes to organic farming. In this day and age, plants have started becoming extinct due to use of chemicals. Many plants across the world have ceased to existed due to being destroyed due to use of chemical fertilizers. Potatoes are a good example as they have reduced in variety compared to earlier years. Lack of more organic potatoes in the market is a dangerous situation since it shows that there is something destroying the plants in the farms.

The society can show support to organic farmers by buying farm produces from them directly. In the recent years, the government has shown its support for conventional farming methods where they give them reduced tax rates. This led to the multiplication of commercially produced foods that have led to diseases such as cancer. It is the high time the government invested in organic techniques to reduce the problems and help secure the future. To secure your future and that of your family, buying organic foods starts with you.

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