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Factors to Consider When Picking a Safe to Store Your Gun

People acquire guns in the hope that they will be protected from attacks by criminals if they use them. They normally hope that they won’t have to use the weapon. Improper handling of guns can expose family members to danger, especially if they are young children. Some incidences have been reported whereby children had access to a gun not kept properly and thereby ended up harming themselves. Cases like those can easily be minimized if the gun is kept in a safe place until you need to use it. This is the reason why gun safes are manufactured. When picking a gun safe to use in storing your weapon, here are some considerations that you need to think about.

Consider how large and heavy the safe is. It is important to ensure that your gun safe has the right weight such that it cannot be carried off easily by anyone intending to steal your weapon. This has been proved to true by gun experts who suggest a given minimum weight for the safe. Heavier gun safes usually make it more difficult for anyone intending to break in and steal. A recommended weight for a moderate gun safe is around 750 pounds which is neither too big nor too small.

Think about how quickly you need to access the gun from the safe. It should not be easy to force your way into the safe by breaking down the door. But the technology adopted for opening and locking the doors should be simple enough that the owner can open it quickly in an emergency. It wouldn’t be good if you have a weapon which you can’t use when attacked because of the hard to crack lock on the safe. That’s why some safes have biometric or combination locks for ease of opening.

Thickness and strength of the wall. To ensure that the safe protects the gun from being stolen, it is manufactured from a material that is thick enough to prevent breaking in. For this reason, the walls of the safe need to be thick enough. They will not only prevent theft but also keep the gun safe in instances of fires and other emergencies. The recommended thickness of the wall is about 10-gauge steel walls.

The next important factor to consider when selecting a safe for your gun is the price to pay when buying it. Different sizes and gauges of safes usually have varying costs. The kind of safe selected for your gun will depend on the amount of cash you have to enable you purchase it. A higher price usually means a better quality safe to use in storing your weapon.

Lessons Learned from Years with Guns

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