The first magnetic core memory, developed in 1951, began the revolution of pc memory and the start of larger and better personal computers. But when the data and instructions are entered within the computer, Where they’re reality, inside the computer, there are totally different storage areas the place it retains information or information permanently or temporarily whereas storage area is known as the Memory of the computer.Computer Memory

DVD stands for Digital Versatile is an optical storage gadget which reads knowledge sooner than a CD.A single layer,single sided DVD can retailer knowledge up to 4.7 GB,i.e,round 6 instances than that of CD and a double layer DVD can store information as much as 17.08 GB,i.e.,round 25 occasions that of CD. Though DVDs look just like CDs,they’ll hold much more data,for instance,a full length film.

It’s known as random entry reminiscence (RAM). Open a CPU box and likewise show them the laborious disc and memory chips connected to the motherboard. All DRAMs are made up of reminiscence cells. Memory is the realm where the computer stores or remembers knowledge. Non-volatile reminiscence − Data will not be lost when energy is minimize off.

If the operating system’s reminiscence is corrupted, the whole computer …